26-27-28 September 2019

Radisson Blu Resort & SPA, Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey

What IP.CAMP 2019 Is All About ?

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IP.CAMP is the leading training event in the field of Intellectual Property Management and Licensing that is organized by LES-Turkey and Sabancı University Industry Collaboration and Technology Licensing Office (ILO).


IP.CAMP is a must-go event for professionals who are active in IP management and licensing field.


With increasing attention to the use of know-how and trade secrets beyond patents, IP.CAMP 2019 is intended to focus on these comprehensive cases as follows:











Maximizing innovation with trade-secrets: When patents are not the answer.  Difference between know-how and trade-secrets

Keynote Speaker: Rob McInnes (Board Secretary, Licensing Executives Society International)

Recent developments in Trade-secret laws - Part1

Moderator: Ömer Hızıroğlu (Board Member, LES Turkey)

Speakers: Dr. Philipe Kutschke (Bardehle), Dr. Sinan Utku (Covington & Burling LLC)

Protecting Knowledge in Technology Creation & Transfer

Moderator: Mustafa Çakır (General Secretary, LES Turkey)

Speakers: Rob McInnes (Board Secretary, Licensing Executives Society International)

Dr. Philipe Kutschke (Bardehle), Bruno Vandermeulen (LES International), Tom Gaunt (Lewis Silkin)

Auditing Trade Secret/Know-How Intensive Portfolios: Best Practices From the Field

Moderator: Murat İdal (President, LES Turkey)

Speakers: Bruno Vandermeulen (LES International), Arda Karaduman (Mene Health Group)

Workshop: Optimal Communication of IP Data (Powered by Minesoft)

Speaker: Matvei Maurer (Minesoft)

Recent developments in Trade-secret laws - Part2

Moderator: Hande Hançer (Board Member, LES Turkey),

Speakers: Dr. Sinan Utku (Covington & Burling LLC)

Trade secret & Patent Infringement Actions and Enforcement Strategies

Moderator: Ömer Hızıroğlu (Board Member, LES Turkey)

Speakers: José-Miguel Lissén Arbeloa (ABG Intellectual Property), Güler Ayyıldız (Arçelik), Ayşe İldeş Erdem (BSH)

Workshop: Strategic Decision in IP Road and Workshop Concerning Protection of Innovation Through Trade Secret and Patent (Powered by Ankara Patent)

Speakers: Tuğba Gündemir - Yakuphan Öztürk (Ankara Patent)

Poolside Chat: Why trade-secrets will shape the IP management strategies of the future

Speakers: Ömer Hızıroğlu (Board Member, LES Turkey)

IP.CAMP is designed for

IP Strategists

R&D Managers

Venture Capital Professionals

TTO Professionals



Patent Attorneys

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