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What are Professionals saying about IP.CAMP ?

"I am still very happy that I had the chance to contribute to the first IP.CAMP in 2014 in Cesme. The combination of enthusiastic students on the one hand, combined with the beautiful location and created a productive IP spirit from which not only the students, but also the lectures took benefit, personally and professionally. Again: Congratulations for bringing together the people and the topics."

- Peter K. HESS

"It was a pleasure and an honor to participate in the IP.CAMP. The innovative and creative ideas for managing IP that the participants shared in the beautiful surroundings of Çeşme made for a most memorable and rewarding experience that enabled me to improve my professional skills and provided me with insights that will be useful in my everyday work for many years to come."


"The IP.CAMP is by far the most practical training program I joined during my long career, which resulted each time in highly interactive sessions where the participants were picking both the brains and experiences of the trainers in order to solve the practical issues they came across in their daily tech transfer work"

- Emil POT

"It has been an absolute honor and pleasure to lecture to and interact with such an amazing audience. IP.CAMP brings together a great group of highly motivated individuals that spend their workdays managing intellectual property either in companies, at institutions, or with service providers. The organizational team behind the event did a really great job in bringing this annual event to life for the benefit of all participants and speakers. As someone who enjoys to challenge the status-quo, I really liked that the participants were very open to exploring new pathways to thinking out of the box of standard conventions. I travelled from the USA to lecture at IP.CAMP and I would highly recommend other international speakers to consider this truly great inspiring experience with great people in Turkey."

- Juergen GRANER


"IP.CAMP is not only a retreat camp at a marvellous location where IP professionals, TTO experts, corporates, and startups come together to share insights and experiences with one another, and also provides comprehensive training content, collaborative case studies and last but not the least network opportunities. Moreover, IP.CAMP highlights how patent data can be used to track down innovation trends and develop business and R&D strategies accordingly."

- Cansu Ege Başçıl


"It was an extraordinary experience to get knowledge about IP asset management and licensing from internationally well-known speakers. No need to talk about the excellent location of the event offering a great environment with full of nature and fun. I am looking forward to attending the next event in 2016 and meet my peers once again."

- Aydın MUTLU


"A well organised and effective event. Especially, case studies are very inspirational."

- Şule AŞKIN

"IP.CAMP was very well organized event with series of useful sessions having carefully chosen content. All speakers were experienced well-known IP professionals and eager to share that experience with attendees. On top of that, all these things were happening in a lovely atmosphere of Cesme and it was even possible to swim between sessions. It was a rare and extremely good combination of work and fun. I am looking forward to next one!"

- Yavuz KABUK

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