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29-30 September, 1 October 2022

Radisson Blu Resort & SPA, Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey

What IP.CAMP 2022 Is All About ?

<< Workshops. Networking. Fun. >>

IP.CAMP is the leading training event in the field of Intellectual Property Management and Licensing that is organized by LES-Turkey since 2014.


IP.CAMP is a must-go event for professionals who are active in IP management and licensing field.


With increasing attention to strategic patent portfolio management, IP.CAMP 2022 is intended to focus on these comprehensive cases as follows:











Maximizing innovation with trade-secrets: When patents are not the answer.  Difference between know-how and trade-secrets

Keynote Speaker: Rob McInnes (Board Secretary, Licensing Executives Society International)

Recent developments in Trade-secret laws - Part1

Moderator: Ömer Hızıroğlu (Board Member, LES Turkey)

Speakers: Dr. Philipe Kutschke (Bardehle), Dr. Sinan Utku (Covington & Burling LLC)

Protecting Knowledge in Technology Creation & Transfer

Moderator: Mustafa Çakır (General Secretary, LES Turkey)

Speakers: Rob McInnes (Board Secretary, Licensing Executives Society International)

Dr. Philipe Kutschke (Bardehle), Bruno Vandermeulen (LES International), Tom Gaunt (Lewis Silkin)

Auditing Trade Secret/Know-How Intensive Portfolios: Best Practices From the Field

Moderator: Murat İdal (President, LES Turkey)

Speakers: Bruno Vandermeulen (LES International), Arda Karaduman (Mene Health Group)

Workshop: Optimal Communication of IP Data (Powered by Minesoft)

Speaker: Matvei Maurer (Minesoft)

Recent developments in Trade-secret laws - Part2

Moderator: Hande Hançer (Board Member, LES Turkey),

Speakers: Dr. Sinan Utku (Covington & Burling LLC)

Trade secret & Patent Infringement Actions and Enforcement Strategies

Moderator: Ömer Hızıroğlu (Board Member, LES Turkey)

Speakers: José-Miguel Lissén Arbeloa (ABG Intellectual Property), Güler Ayyıldız (Arçelik), Ayşe İldeş Erdem (BSH)

Workshop: Strategic Decision in IP Road and Workshop Concerning Protection of Innovation Through Trade Secret and Patent (Powered by Ankara Patent)

Speakers: Tuğba Gündemir - Yakuphan Öztürk (Ankara Patent)

Poolside Chat: Why trade-secrets will shape the IP management strategies of the future

Speakers: Ömer Hızıroğlu (Board Member, LES Turkey)

IP.CAMP is designed for

IP Strategists

R&D Managers

Venture Capital Professionals

TTO Professionals



Patent Attorneys

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